Sumi enables the interconnection of existing buildings and online management of these facilities.

Intelligent control

  • Sumi is not tied to any brand.
  • Sumi can be rolled out gradually or in one go in all types of buildings.
  • Sumi monitors energy consumption, water consumption, lighting systems and other building systems.
  • Sumi enables benchmarking between buildings.
  • Sumi alerts to problems that are not visible to the naked eye.
  • Sumi remotely controls buildings in real time, based on the interaction between monitoring and intelligent data.


Sumi prepares every project thoroughly. We explain in advance how we propose to make the various components and systems communicate with each other. A project file describes all the functions, technical communication protocols and components involved. We also provide wiring diagrams if requested by your installer.


Sumi provides you with everything you need to create an intelligent building: installation equipment, intelligent components and interfaces for building management and home automation. We offer a sophisticated range of products and will guide you personally in your selection.


Good preparation and the right components are the prerequisites for the problem-free commissioning of an installation. At Sumi, programming is highly systematic and efficient. The members of our IT team are very hands-on and are among the most experienced building management programmers in Belgium. They perfectly know how to bridge the gap between well-designed software and the practicalities of an installation.

Data & Maintenance

The operating costs of a building often outweigh the initial investment costs. The smart technologies implemented by Sumi help drive those operating costs way down. For that, we maximize the efficiency of the existing systems through data gathering, reporting, analysis, and optimization. When selecting technologies, Sumi will provide you with custom guidance every step of the way. Your building will evolve to meet any possible new situations.


You are investing in state-of-the-art technology to manage your building. We therefore make sure that you have mastered Sumi tools to perfection. Your technical and non-technical employees are given a clear briefing on how to use the Sumi web interface. From quick tips and tricks for large groups to the in-depth and detailed training for facility managers.

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