One dashboard for the management of all public buildings

Low investment costs, high efficiency

Governments have many buildings in their care. Even the smallest local government administers a very diverse infrastructure: town hall, local service centre, library, community centre, sports hall, and so on. It is quite a task to understand the energy and maintenance costs of these buildings, let alone control them.

  • Sumi provides a single web-based interface that provides local government with insight into water and energy consumption and other systems in these buildings.
  • The facility manager also gets an immediate driver’s seat. Sumi can be linked to calendar management, and can be edited in real time, if necessary.
  • With Sumi, governments no longer have to wait for big budgets to make their buildings more energy efficient. They can already do it at a low investment cost which also delivers a fast return.
  • No need for complete renovation works to implement Sumi.
  • The Flemish Environment Agency uses Sumi to monitor and manage its buildings.

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