One dashboard for the schools of the future

Schoolcontroller is designed to facilitate building management in a school community

The government is encouraging the establisment of more public-private partnerships for the construction and maintenance of school buildings. Even small school communities often manage more than one building: a possible new building with the latest systems, but also existing buildings as well. Schoolcontroller is used to manage new and existing buildings in an integrated way.

  • Sumi has designed Schoolcontroller to allow you to control all buildings in the school community through a single user-friendly web-based interface.
  • No need to remodel: Schoolcontroller works with existing systems.
  • Water, energy, maintenance and comfort are constantly controlled and optimized based on data, and, if desired, directly linked to your class reservation system.
  • Schoolcontroller detects and identifies taps left running, lights not turned off or heat losses.
  • The web-based interface is also easy to manage by technicians and, more importantly, by non-technical staff: management, support staff and maintenance personnel.
  • Sumi requires limited investment and offers ROI within three to five years, mostly in the form of lower energy and maintenance bills.
  • Since Sumi is also able to integrate the latest educational IT and multimedia developments, the School of the Future is already within reach.

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