Cruise Terminal – Zeebrugge

Every year, 145 cruise ships moor in Zeebrugge, which translates into some half a million passengers. A cruise terminal was built specifically to better manage these numbers. From there, passengers can easily head inland, for example to Bruges or other large cities. However, the cruise terminal, also known as the ABC tower, is so much more than this. It is a multi-purpose building that can accommodate receptions, events, conferences and exhibitions. On the seventh floor, it boasts an experience room and terrace with views of the sea, the port, the village of Zeebrugge and the polders. Sumi has installed the lighting control system here, with constant light control in the offices, as well as control of the sun protection system. There are also push buttons with integrated thermostats, which means the measured values can be directly fed into the HVAC control system.

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